Crew Profile


CourtneyRannacher Joined 20 Jun 2013

Personal Information

Age: 25

Type of Job: Any

Available from: 30 June 2013

Available to: 30 September 2013

Sea miles: 0

Qualification level: Competent Crew

Further Information

My name is Courtney. I grew up sailing and spending much of my time on the water. I have also worked in the service and hospitality industry for about ten years. During college I also worked as a nanny in addition to various internships. I attended business school at Bentley University right outside Boston. The only break in working in the service industry was 3 years at an investment firm, which I decided was not for me. I am really excited to take my skills back to the water and join a crew for the summer season. I can cook, sail, clean, etc. and believe I would make the perfect addition to any crew.

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