Crew Profile Joined 30 Jun 2015

Personal Information

Age: 32

Type of Job: Instructor

Available from: 30 June 2015

Sea miles: 8640

Qualification level: Competent Crew

Further Information

Employed by the company Silhouette Cruises in Seychelles until May 29th, 2015, I will pursue my yachting education taking the RYA Yachtmaster. My dream goal is to reach the bridge department after having been through the logical steps. I would describe myself as a reliable thinker with both feet on the ground with social talents. Mature and well traveled, I speak French, Spanish, English and a basic Seychelles Creole.

Being highly experienced and trained with first aid, I know where the safety limits are for the passengers and for the crew. I am also professionally insured for myself and my divers.

Currently looking for a position on a yacht, ideally permanent on a sailing yacht and also considering motor yacht. I am very happy to work in remote area. Limited leisure activities are fine to me since my objective is to become more industry valuable by continuing my education on several fields.

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