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kwilliams1234 Joined 4 Aug 2015

Personal Information

Age: 26

Type of Job: Hostess/Maid, Chef, Instructor, Mate, Companion, Amateur Sailing, Just fun!

Available from: 1 September 2015

Available to: 1 September 2016

Sea miles: 0

Qualification level: Beginner/Novice

Further Information

Hi All,

We are a fun-loving couple looking for adventure! We've lived abroad for a number of years, including the Cayman Islands and Thailand.

We've big lovers of nautical life and would love to experience life ON the sea and not just beside it.

Me (Canadian, female, 26years) Him (American, male, 30years)

I grew on the water and have (limited) knowledge of sailing. He has his diving license and is also very comfortable on the water.

We're looking to gain a new experience and would love the opportunity to work as a deck crew and truly 'learn the ropes'.

Also, I can cook :)

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