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ntlavoie Joined 11 Aug 2015

Personal Information

Age: 31

Type of Job: Engineer, Mate, Just fun!

Sea miles: 400

Qualification level: Beginner/Novice

Further Information

I am a highly motivated and adaptable technician with excellent experience installing, operating and maintaining, Radar, GPS, Multi-Function Displays, Wind Instruments, Depth/Fish sensors, VHF's (and DSC interconnects), SSB's, C-Band, Fleet Broadband, Gyro-Compasses, Fiber Optic Compasses and autopilots as well as PC's, and entertainment systems. I've worked for Cay Electronics and Woods Hole Oceanographic in those capacities. I am also sure footed and ready to work. If you dont need me maintaining your helm, I am a great all around handyman, and a strong back to have on deck. My actual experience is limited in that regard but I learn quick and I don't balk at hard work. I'm currently studying for my NMEA and GROL+ certifications.

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