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rebro Joined 8 Jul 2013

Personal Information

Age: 26

Type of Job: Any

Available from: 31 August 2017

Available to: 30 April 2018

Sea miles: 1500

Qualification level: Coastal Skipper

Further Information


I am a student of Mechanical engineering in Ljbuljana, Slovenia. I am a passionate sailor however, I started sailing only a couple of years ago. I have done around 1500 seamiles, about 1200 of them as a skipper in the Adriatic.


Sailing course ISSA Yacht level 3 - 2011
Boat leader licence - 2012
VHF GMDSS - 2013

I am on a lookout for a adventure, and I am willing to help at any type of work to gain sailing experience and enjoy the sea.

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