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Carla Joined 29 Feb 2016

Personal Information

Age: 24

Type of Job: Hostess/Maid, Amateur Sailing

Available from: 24 February 2018

Sea miles: 7000

Qualification level: Competent Crew

Further Information

I do have my certificates and documents ready on request.

I have worked with people all my life and I have found a true passion within me for giving the best service required and also to be humble to always provide the care needed.

I have worked on a sail boat for two seasons, working with guests, doing charters and daily trips , I also have experience working on a cruise ship and I have fallen in love with the industry ever since.

I am well organized, an excellent problem solver, a leader, focused, full of energy, motivated by my passion to work hard and to enjoy doing so. I love to learn new things and I do not mind working long hours or to be away from home.
I am a true solo traveller at heart.

I am striving to better my work performance each and every day to better myself to achieve great success for my career.

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