Crew Profile Joined 15 Mar 2016

Personal Information

Age: 22

Type of Job: Au Pair

Available from: 1 April 2016

Available to: 31 December 2016

Sea miles: 0

Qualification level: Beginner/Novice

Further Information

Hi ! My name is Gerry from Indonesia
- 4 years of experience with a rich knowledge of all facets pertaining to Front Office Departement in 5 star hotel.
- Possess excellent communication skills and knowledge.
- Articulate and precise, with the ability to combine theoretical knowledge with practical approach.
- Excellent temperament to multi-task and coordinative various activities under high pressure.
- Demonstrated ability to make guests feel well taken care of and build their intent to return.
- In depth knowledge of upselling items and serving beverages and food in accordance to state regulations.
- Thorough knowledge of the food, beverages and ingredients.
- Trilingual: English, Japanese, and France.

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