Crew Profile Joined 21 Sep 2016

Personal Information

Age: 29

Type of Job: Mate

Available from: 1 January 2017

Available to: 7 March 2018

Sea miles: 6000

Qualification level: YachtMaster

Further Information

I passed my Yachtmaster Offshore with commercial endorsement in Dublin. I am originally a PhD in volcanology but would like to start a career as a skipper and why not combining both skills in the future. I am looking for either a position as a skipper, first mate or delivery crew. As a skipper, I already organised several cruising week-end as a skipper on different kind of sailing boats in France (Bretagne, Marseille, La Rochelle), Spain, Ireland, British Columbia and Alaska. I'll go across the Atlantic as a crew in November 2016, be the skipper of a catamaran for a week in Carribean and pass the Yachtmaster Ocean by the end of 2016.

One sentence well defines my character (according to my crew): keep her busy and feed her with chocolate (which means that I love being active onboard). Also, I love all kind of sports, adventure, music, food and great atmosphere. I sail since I was born (almost!).

You will not regret to be onboard with me since I also cook (well if I believe my crew). Since I am originally from Bretagne, I love making crepes even when the sea state is rough ;-).

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