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materiac Joined 4 Dec 2016

Personal Information

Age: 45

Type of Job: Hostess/Maid, Mate, Companion, Amateur Sailing, Just fun!

Available from: 1 April 2017

Available to: 31 December 2017

Sea miles: 2000

Qualification level: Competent Crew

Further Information

I am looking for work on boats to build my experience and gain my hours towards my Master V.

I have several years experience as a Skipper, Guide, Deckhand, Hostess and Cook on Charter Boats in SE Tasmania, Australia.

See my Linkedin profile
I have dual passports Australian and Italian so can work in the EEU.


Coxswain Grade 2, Near Coastal, Seafood Training Tasmania (STT)
Coxswain Grade 1, Near Coastal, Seafood Training Tasmania (STT)
Coxswain Engineering (Diesel) Seafood Training Tasmania (STT) Coxswain Navigation, Seafood Training Tasmania (STT)
Long Range Operators Certificate of Proficiency (Marine Radio), Seafood Training Tasmania (STT)
Certificate of Qualification, Race Officer Club, Australian Sailing
Elements of Ship Board Safety, Seafood Training Tasmania (STT)
Motor Boat Licence, Marine and Safety Tasmania

Working with Children and Vulnerable People Registration
CPR, First Aid Australian Red Cross
Responsible Service of Alcohol, The Training & Business Company

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