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besarionovich Joined 4 Dec 2016

Personal Information

Age: 27

Type of Job: Any

Available from: 5 February 2018

Available to: 7 August 2018

Sea miles: 2000000

Qualification level: Competent Crew

Further Information

Hello, I am Giorgi Siradze from Georgia,I am 27 yars old.I would love to be part of your crew as a Deckhand or A/B.I greduated Batumi State Maritime Akademy and hold a rating certificates.I have more than 32 months' work experiance at sea.I have good work experiance under the bosun's supervision and strictly following the policies regulations regarding contact with the a crewmember I am known as an open,active,and friendly person with a good sense of humour.
thenk you very much

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