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Sandra_Memma Joined 3 Apr 2017

Personal Information

Age: 27

Type of Job: Au Pair, Hostess/Maid

Available from: 3 April 2017

Sea miles: 12

Qualification level: Coastal Skipper

Further Information

Hello, my name is Sandra, The most I'm interested in is Deckhand (but I'm looking for stewardess position too) and I take advantage of this little introduction to tell you that I have the Coastal Skipper certificate. I got it 2 years ago but i haven't had the chance to work yet, just some experience with familiars and friend's vessels.
Everybody always demand experience, but I'm not going to tell lies like some people do, no, I don't have, like I already mentioned but I consider myself very multi-skilled, I had very diferents jobs and i've been able to learn from them and be professional. Right now I don't have any ties and I feel capable to go everywhere to get experience either working, living or traveling.

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