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florentineschneiders Joined 23 Apr 2017

Personal Information

Age: 18

Type of Job: Any

Available from: 9 September 2017

Available to: 1 December 2017

Sea miles: 0

Qualification level: Beginner/Novice

Further Information

I'm an 18 years old girl who would love to sail around the world. I'm raised with sailing, I've always spend the weekends and the holidays on the water on my parents boat, a Lemsteraak, what is a typical dutch boat. When I got infected with the sailing virus I started to sail regattas in an optimist. Last year I finished high school and took a gap year. Now I'm a skiing instructor in austria but still need a job for this summer. I already have been working as an hostes and a mate for a daycharter company in Holland and now I'm looking for a more constant job.

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