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tobynaylon Joined 4 May 2017

Personal Information

Age: 19

Type of Job: Any

Available from: 5 May 2017

Available to: 1 January 2018

Sea miles: 2000

Qualification level: Day Skipper

Further Information

I am an incredibly hard working, easy to get along with and motivated person and I look forward to getting myself into the yachting industry. 
I am more than capable and willing to develop my skills as a deckhand and to be trained and moulded in any way you see fit, allowing me to become the best deckhand for the job.
I spent last summer in Antibes, Imperia and during the yacht show in Monaco, working as a deckhand on various yachts. I completed all deckhand tasks aboard the yachts, such as tender driving, line handling, painting, varnishing and sanding. Amongst other maintenance and cleaning tasks. I am still searching for a deckhand job and am available immediately. 
I completed a super yacht crew training course at UKSA over summer where I learnt multiple sailing and yachting skills including sea phases aboard a 45ft Sweden Yacht and extensive dinghy sailing and powerboat lessons. 
I have always loved adventures and challenges. I love talking to people and getting to know them, I love making friends and testing and adapting to new environments. I cannot wait to become a fully fledged crew member aboard a superyacht and progress as far as possible in the superyacht industry.

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