Crew Profile


MickeyLynch Joined 5 Jul 2017

Personal Information

Age: 40

Type of Job: Bosun, Mate, Amateur Sailing, Just fun!

Available from: 6 July 2017

Available to: 10 October 2019

Sea miles: 10000

Qualification level: Day Skipper

Further Information

I am an experienced Corinthian sailor with 10,000 miles of racing and delivery, looking to take this to the next level, and pursue my passion professionally.

My objective is to secure full-time, parttime or day work position as a deckhand on sail or motor yacht. I can provide additional support drawing on experience and skills in I.T. and network support, accounting, operations management, remedial massage, personal training and cooking.

Ideally suited to smaller crews looking for mature, reliable, well rounded and fun team player to slot in seamlessly. Or a resourceful problem solver, who can also help out with maintenance, operational or logistical issues.

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