Crew Profile

Sid & Ali

Sid & Ali Joined 7 Jul 2017

Personal Information

Age: 22

Type of Job: Any, Engineer, Hostess/Maid, Chef, Mate, Just fun!

Available from: 30 October 2017

Available to: 1 December 2019

Sea miles: 1000

Qualification level: Beginner/Novice

Further Information

We are Sid and Ali, an adventurous, lighthearted, hard working married couple looking to crew a boat.

I (Sid) have a medium level of sailing knowledge (crewed a few different yachts in the Santa Barbara Channel, am firmiliar with most sailing terms and how to execute tasks on a boat), am very familiar with diesel engines (have worked on cars for the better part of my life), worked for a few years as a carpenter for a fine carpentry company in Santa Barbara, and am all around good with my hands.

My wife, Ali, is a hard worker who is less familiar with sailing and it's ins and outs but is wanting to learn and has some knowledge from a few trips out on the SB channel and Puget sound. She is also a very hard worker, a nutritionist, cook, and is soon to be a licensed personal trainer.

Together we also own a professional photography business.

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