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windwalker Joined 9 Jul 2017

Personal Information

Age: 47

Type of Job: Any

Available from: 23 July 2017

Available to: 31 July 2018

Sea miles: 10000

Qualification level: Beginner/Novice

Further Information

I'm retired Navy and have been traveling the world, solo and with my wife, for the past 4 1/2 years. Before traveling, and in between travels, I have used my GI Bill benefits to study a few university-level things I had long wanted to gain understanding in.

My heart is in the ocean and now that we've decided to homebase in the US, I want to resume my maritime skills. I was not a sea-going job in the Navy, but did receive basic seamanship, drown-proofing, lifeguarding, fire-fighting, and battle stations. I was also in SEAL and Dive Schools for short-terms, so swimming is a strong skill. In short, I just love the ocean.

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