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stephenavae Joined 11 Jul 2017

Personal Information

Age: 41

Type of Job: Mate, Companion, Amateur Sailing, Just fun!

Available from: 20 July 2017

Available to: 23 April 2019

Sea miles: 0

Qualification level: Beginner/Novice

Further Information

I'm a 41-year-old male. Been traveling since the age of 17

I don't have any sailing experience. But, I'm eager to learn.

I'm interested in joining a boat as a crew-member. Preferably something long-term (at least 2 or 3 months, but preferably up to 1 or 2 years)

About me : born and raised in Helsinki, Finland.

Been traveling since the age of 17.

By profession, I'm a Software Engineer. Been doing this for 18 years now.

I love nature. I love the outdoors. Most of all, though, I love to travel. I've been to a lot of places (a few times for work, but mostly for fun and sight-seeing). I've been all over North, South, and Central America, Europe, China, India, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, South Korean, Singapore, Japan, and Australia.

I am also yet to explore some a few other places in Asia, but that's in the works :)

My second-favorite hobby is cooking. International cuisine is my passion. I love to be creative in the kitchen. :=))

My favorite cuisine is Asian. In particular, Thai and Korean (last year, I spent 3 months in Korea, learning how to cook their dishes. I couldn't get enough of it :))

I speak 5 languages: English, French, Russian, Finnish and Spanish.

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