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sashunko Joined 24 Sep 2017

Personal Information

Age: 38

Type of Job: Any

Available from: 7 October 2017

Available to: 31 December 2018

Sea miles: 5000

Qualification level: YachtMaster

Further Information

Sailing experience in the Mediterranean, Caribbean and Atlantic crossing.
Deckhand and/or Hostess duties, worked both for charters and boat deliveries. Day/night watches, minor repairs (mostly carpentry, painting), cleaning, shopping, cooking.
Fluent English, Italian and Russian, native Bulgarian.
Recently qualified Yachtmaster.

Graduated in computer engineering and international economic relations, I am a strong supporter of lifelong learning as a self-motivated pursuit of knowledge and experience. In past 10 years I worked extensively in the field of organizing social and cultural events, mostly in offices and behind the desk and now I am eager to make a step towards freedom and adventures. Jobs in open air and travelling are great incentives for my personal development and I already found my passion for sailing.

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