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Dani&Sabrina Joined 6 Dec 2017

Personal Information

Age: 29

Type of Job: Any

Available from: 1 December 2017

Available to: 1 March 2018

Sea miles: 0

Qualification level: Beginner/Novice

Further Information

We are two Brazilians dreaming of an adventure by the sea.
We have been out of Brazil for two years and we have had wonderful experiences that we believe we have developed to live this dream.
We live a year in Ireland where we work as housekeeping, kitchen assistant, senior assistant, child care. We also live in New Zealand where we were farm assistants, we worked as housekeeping, painters, babysitters, we worked as cooks for staff between 15 and 18 guys. We worked hard to develop our skills both for work that requires physical performance, and jobs that require emotional balance and good relationships with others. We are currently in Malaysia exchanging our work for accommodation, looking forward to an opportunity to sail.

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