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Lukum Joined 25 Jan 2018

Personal Information

Age: 45

Type of Job: Any

Available from: 20 April 2018

Available to: 1 October 2018

Sea miles: 500

Qualification level: Competent Crew

Further Information

Hi. My name is Olga and I am looking for job on a sail boat or any job with sails and sail sport.
I can to be your right hand or left hand, eyes and a new brain. I am sincere and open minded. I am ready to do all on the boat, if I will know that it is will benefit. And, of course, I would like to receive pay for my job. I can do trip logistic, look to sails, to be at the wheel steering, cook for small company, wash the kitchen, bathroom and the deck, stand a solo night watch and more. I easy going, travel light, fit and healthy, can follow orders, learn fast. I write my new knowledge in my notebook. You do not need to repeat to me twice. I can say «Yes, master» and I can silent when you need to. A long time I had a job in a bank. I was an accountant. Therefore, I am punctual and responsible. I am efficient girl. I don’t like to waste time.
About me. I was born in USSR. I live in Ukraine. For many years I like sailing: yachts, sport boats, catamarans. Windsurfing is my favorite sport. I have sailing experience in the Red sea (Egypt), the Black sea (Ukraine), the Azov sea (Ukraine), the Baltic sea (Poland) and the Mediterranean (Corsica, Sicily, Italy). I crossed the Adriatic Sea along (from Pula to Corfu) and across (from Otranto to Budva). Ukraine is Europe. I can travel in EU in visa free regime (90 days from 180).
I am divorced. I have an adult son. I have a life experience. I am confident in myself and I know what I want.
Extra buns:
My driving experience is more than 10 years.
I can mountain ski and I like SUP (if no wind). I like crocheting and knitting.
I speak Russian. My English is not good, but they understand me.
I know greetings in French, in Italian and I learn greetings in country where I am.
I'm a good photographer. I process my pictures in Photoshop. My photos are favorites in the photo contest "Sails of Ukraine".

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