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Raihanrashid Joined 18 Feb 2018

Personal Information

Age: 25

Type of Job: Hostess/Maid

Available from: 24 March 2018

Available to: 24 March 2019

Sea miles: 0

Qualification level: Competent Crew

Further Information can call me Anne,I am on my journey to roam the world and I will take as long as I can to see and explore this amazing creation by God. I am looking forward to work with amazing people who would love to have me as a part of the team..

I have great experience in sailing since 10 years old in optimist and laser all categories..I am also a national Sailing athletes for Malaysia.. I will try my best to learn more about big sailing boat. Everything is learning process..and I am willing to work hard and listen to order given by the captain.. although it's just a small experience I have,I believe basic information is most important so that the goal is is achievable ..

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