Crew Profile Joined 10 Apr 2018

Personal Information

Age: 29

Type of Job: Mate

Available from: 30 April 2018

Available to: 30 April 2021

Sea miles: 0

Qualification level: YachtMaster Ocean

Further Information

Dear Sir/ Madam,

My name is Francisco Diogo Jesus Nunes, Portuguese Male 29Years old with Chief Officer unlimited COC.

I grew up on a small island on the middle of Atlantic (Madeira Island), Surrounded by sea and on a sea related family, since very young I feel involved on all maritime quests, my father was/is working on a commercial harbor with a integrated shipyard and fishing harbor, I have seen all types of vessels either in commercial operations or Dry Dock.
Since I can remember always dreamed about ships, I want to be a captain,sçecially on gas tanker or anch0r handling/ salvage, once my Uncle was Captain on a LPG and Chemical carrier, where I did spend my school holidays since my 7 years until university, and salvage because i always felt atracted by tugboats and yachts as well sailing yachts, Fishing vessel and a shipyard activities as on the back of the Port where i Grew up, there was a shipyard.
During school time I was always involved with sailing, shipyard, tug boats, pilot boats, fishing vessels, either during weekend or just some hours, I am that kind of seaman that fit on all type of vessels, my goal are salvage, dry bulk & Tankers.To be honest I have experience.on.several type of vessels, either in dry dock or working on.board, which can be a plus for your organization.

- New buildings (can be a good advantage for your team)
- Ship Repair
- Ship handling
- Scrap Broker ( has I have been, and still being involved with Turkish Scrap owners, can also be an advantage for your team)
- Agent Broker for second hand vessels;
- Passenger ships
- Cargo Ships
- Tugs
- Research Vessels
- AHT – ASD Ships
- Survey Vessels
- Tall Ships/ sailing ships
- Wreck removal
- SMS/ISM Quests
- Shipyard Project Manager
- Yachting
I am quite interested in all shipping related, unfortunately major of companies I have been working does not exist anymore or the vessel have been sold, either for scrap or other companies.

With the best regards

Francisco Nunes

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