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zakdecker Joined 18 Apr 2018

Personal Information

Age: 30

Type of Job: Any, Mate, Companion, Amateur Sailing

Available from: 31 May 2018

Available to: 31 October 2018

Sea miles: 2000

Qualification level: Competent Crew

Further Information

My name is Zak. I've been traveling the past four months through the Indian subcontinent, while My travels have been fruitful and adventure packed I'm looking for something a little more constructive to do with my time. I've also been longing to get back on the water. I come from a fishing family in southern Alaska. I spend my summers living and working on a 54 foot purse seiner. I know my way around a boat, and I am fairly competent on the water. I do not have any sailing experience, but I am eager to learn.

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