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Captain_Jack Joined 28 Jun 2013

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Age: 55

Crew required: Just fun!

Destination: Western Europe

Journey reason: Other Reason

Sail date: 5 April 2014

Further Information

Wanted: Female crew member for STRICTLY PLATONIC! sail cruise from Cape Hatteras to Penzance via Bermuda and the Azores. Trip could be difficult, even dangerous, in a well found 22 foot positively buoyant sail cruiser. Nav. by stars (sextant, compass n charts.) Boat will be pre-sold in England, captain and crew will split the money one third, two thirds and part ways permanently. Crew should be at least 40 years old, non-smoker, non, or light drinker and not a head case. At least experienced, but not a master sailor requirement. All work shared. Sail date is approximate. Boat could possibly not be pre-sold, but stored for 1 year to sail back to the U.S. via the Southern Route, in which case crew would need appropriate plane tickets. STRICTLY PLATONIC!

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