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gmagrane Joined 27 Mar 2017

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Age: 73

Crew required: Instructor

Destination: Caribbean

Journey reason: Cruising

Sail date: 1 May 2017

Further Information

We are planning to take an investigative research trip through the Caribbean checking coral reefs and collecting samples for analysis of presence of plastic particles. Our tentative final destination is Venezuela. We have been working with the global conservation organization, Mission Blue, and have a Hope Spot nomination in Venezuela. We are in need of a captain experienced in mechanics and electricity and knowledgeable in navigation of the Caribbean. We plan to set sail on or about May 1 and arrive in Venezuela by mid to late July. I own a 1989 42 ft Catalina with some sailing experience in San Francisco Bay and in southern Florida. I am presently in Key West, FL, finishing preparations and getting the boat in shape for the voyage. My crew mate who is spearheading the scientific research is a Marine Biologist from Venezuela, but he has no sailing experience. The prospective captain we had lined up for the trip can no longer make it and we are looking for a new candidate. This is a labor of love for science and adventure since I cannot afford to pay a captainís wages. Sharing expenses is negotiable. Prefer clean & sober non smoker.

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