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 Mean  I'm lady

Mean I'm lady Joined 29 Jun 2017

Personal Information

Age: 51

Crew required: Any

Destination: Bahamas

Journey reason: Other Reason

Sail date: 29 June 2017

Further Information

I want to go back on the water. Fish with me, and you'll hook up. I fish for the owner. That's the fun. I'm great in the crows nest, looking for fish and turtles. I'm healthy and get mentally challenged just to fish. I've been to the Bisbees 4 times as a crew member. I helped drive the boats down to Cabo. We've hooked up on marlin. The biggest was 600+. I want to be on the crew that catches the grander. Please hire me. I can do everything on the boat.Looking forward to the next port-of-call!

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