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Forever Young

Forever Young Joined 5 Mar 2014

Personal Information

Age: 52

Crew required: Hostess/Maid, Companion

Destination: Bahamas

Journey reason: Cruising

Sail date: 28 March 2014

Further Information

Hello, You will live aboard with us in Stuart and help us make ready to cruise the Keys and Bahamas. We are a family of 3. Wife, Myself and our 17 month baby girl. We purchased this vessel 2 years ago after I retired from the music business as a award winning music producer, composer and musician. I have played the guitar, bass and drums all my life. There will be lot\'s of jamming and singing since my wife is also a singer!
My wife is fighting cancer and requires help getting on and off the boat as well as getting around on the boat and managing her own care, getting dressed. This is why we need extra hands caring for her, me and our baby Lily!
Some of your duties will include general home making, cooking, cleaning, laundry, basic boat skills, line handling, tender running, shopping, etc. It\'s most important you are fit, love to swim and must be upbeat and love to smile!!! :-) Thanks for considering us
Stephen, Valeria and Lily. We have a very limited budget... So, this will require a person who loves the water and adventure more then money!

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