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Southern Belle

Southern Belle Joined 23 Jun 2014

Personal Information

Age: 61

Crew required: Companion

Destination: Bahamas

Journey reason: Cruising

Sail date: 30 November -0001

Further Information

I\'m getting too old for single handing and looking for someone to join me for some go-anywhere, open-ended cruising and serendipity. I plan to start out with the Bahamas, departing the Tampa/St. Pete area in late summer 2014. All ages and skill/experience levels considered, but this must be a mutually beneficial partnership at or near parody in all aspects of the cruising life (i.e. travel, adventure, fun... work, watch, duties, etc). If you lack skills and/or experience, I can offer you a work/study program... IF you are motivated and TEACHABLE. If you are an experienced captain, we can go anywhere you want to, and I\'ll crew for you! In any case, compatibility is also a must, including HONESTY and dependability, open and ongoing communication, flexibility, cooperation and a positive attitude.

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