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Nautilus Explorer

Nautilus Explorer Joined 28 Jul 2014

Personal Information

Age: 40

Crew required: Engineer

Destination: Central America

Journey reason: Ocean

Sail date: 4 August 2014

Further Information

Position available - August 2014 - marine engineer - 750 hp - commercial STCW ticket.

This position is best suited to an individual who really enjoys going to sea and is happy and comfortable with the tight quarters typical of a 116 - 140 foot ship. An interest in diving is a bonus.

-Applicants must be self-starters inclined to a neat tidy and organized engine room and parts storage. You will be responsible for keeping the engine room clean and well painted with everything running smoothly.

-Quarters are tight. An ability to get along with fellow crew members is a must.

-We are centered around safety and excellence in client services. Do you share the same attitude?

-Familiarity with emails and spreadsheets is a given. You must be willing to become familiar with our bespoke maintenance software

-Our ships have full internet connectivity. Engineers are expected to research and generate their own purchase orders for parts and supplies. We have detailed records on suppliers and vendors.

-Are you the kind of engineer who can fix most things or do you need to order new replacements all the time??

-You should be comfortable working on water makers, air con, low and high pressure compressors and outboard motors.

-Are you interested in driving skiffs and 28 foot RHIBs??

- You must have good references and have demonstrated stability in previous positions.

-Standard rotation is 5 - 6 weeks on / 5 - 6 weeks off

Please email a Resume and Cover Letter to [removed]

Please note that applicants without current commercial SCTW tickets including emergency duties will not be considered. sorry!

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