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Richard Joined 20 Nov 2014

Personal Information

Age: 69

Crew required: Hostess/Maid

Destination: Caribbean

Journey reason: Cruising

Sail date: 1 December 2014

Further Information

This yacht is a small charter boat operating between St Lucia and Grenada. We usually have between two and a maximum of four guests (frequently of German nationality) for periods between three and seven days. You would be working with the skipper, a Bequian who has been at sea all of his life. In between charters you would stay aboard and live independently with the yacht on her permanent mooring in Admiralty Bay, Bequia. Whilst on charter you would be paid but at what could be described as 'pocket money' rates. Whilst you would be expected to relate professionally with clients the atmosphere we promote is one of relaxation, enjoyment and having fun.

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