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campwinadu Joined 17 Dec 2014

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Age: 32

Crew required: Instructor

Destination: Eastern US/Canada

Journey reason: Other Reason

Sail date: 30 May 2015

Further Information

Camp Winadu is currently looking to hire a Waterfront and Sailing Director for Summer 2015

The Waterfront and Sailing Director will oversees the day to day operations of the entire waterfront. The Waterfront and Sailing Director is responsible for the management of all Lake Staff including: Sailing Instructors, Kayak and Canoeing Instructors as well as Designated Swim Areas. The Waterfront and Sailing Director should have the ability to ensure proper Lifeguarding methods are used on a day to day basis with the highest priority being the safety of our campers.

Qualified applicants for this position should have a strong Swimming background, He/She should be an experienced Lifeguard, with CPR and First Aid training. It is most important that the Waterfront and Sailing Director places safety a top priority. A background that includes knowledge of sailing, kayaking/canoeing as well as previous supervision experience in this position or related field is relevant to the position but not required.

Working at summer camp provides practical and meaningful experience that cannot be beaten. We offer a competitive salary, travel stipend and all room and board expenses. Family accommodations are available.

If you are interested or know of anyone who may be interested applicants can email their resumes to [removed]

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