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mernstbrunner Joined 9 Feb 2015

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Age: 40

Crew required: Just fun!

Destination: Worldwide

Journey reason: Cruising

Sail date: 15 March 2015

Further Information

Sail with us on our Catamarans to the worlds last unspoiled paradises. The catamaran is luxuriously equipped with freezer, fridge, water maker and warm water. On Bord we have a diving compressor and dive equipment as well as windsurf and surfequipement and a kayak free of charge for your disposal. We try to adopt our tourplan according to your wishes depending if you prefer sailing, relaxing or the other activities like diving or surfing. Please find further information on our site www.alive.cms4people.de or send an email to mernstbrunnerAThotmailDOTcom
You can share our lifestyle for a certain amount of time without financial risks involved in owning a boat. The costs to maintain the boat are pretty high as well annually about 25.000 for maintenance.
This is why I have to ask my crew for a cost contribution which gets less the longer the crewmember stays. It is 690 / week for the first two weeks, 590 / week for the 3rd and 4th week, 490 for the 5th and 6th week and only 390 for every additional week.
There is a 10% discount for crew joining again and 10% discount for couples.
These contributions do not cover my costs at all but help me to keep running. I hope for your understanding. Food and fuel we share from the cruising kitty and is additional 60 by week and person.
I believe that our cost share is fair since our crew can enjoy sailing with an exceptional boat and enjoy our lifestyle for a restricted time without a financial risk but sure has to contribute a little.

time- and routeplan Wild One 2015 / Outlook 2016:

second half of 2015 we discover the beautiful islands Rodriques, Mauritius and La Reunion and Madagascar and will round the Cape of Good Hope ending at Capetown. 2016 we cross the atlantic to the Caribean

July 2015: Rodriques Island Mauritius La Reunion
August 2015: La Reunion to Madagascar / Nosy Be
September 2015 Madagascar
October 2015: Madagascar to Capetown
Dec 2015: Atlanticcrossing from Capetown to the Caribean Leewardislands
Jan 2016: Sailing, Diving, island exploring Caribean - Leewardislands
Feb 2016: Sailing, Diving, island exploring Caribean - Windwardislands
March 2016: Sailing, Diving, island exploring Turks and Caicos Islands, Bahamas
April 2016: Atlanticcrossing Bahamas via Bermudas to the Acores Islands
May 2016: Acores Islands Sailing, Diving, island exploring
June 2016: Acores via Gibraltar into the med to Majorca
July 2016: Majorca, Sardinia, Pontine Islands, Ustica, Eole Islands to Greece.

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