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El Aleph

El Aleph Joined 6 Dec 2010

Personal Information

Boat info: 40M traditional style luxury schooner in SE Asia

Crew required: Companion, Hostess

Destination: Worldwide

Journey reason: Cruising

Sail date: 15 February 2012

Further Information

Female crew-member(s) on El Aleph Luxury cruising schooner in SE Asia

Female crew-member(s) to accompany El Aleph Luxury cruising schooner on a next trip through Thailand Into Burma (Mergui) and the Andamans starting in Mid-February.
Subsequent cruising back to our base in Bali, Indonesia, then on to Komodo, Sulawesi, and Raja Empat.
Should be aquatic love swimming, scuba diving, kayaking, easy-going, and preferably, with a taste for books, music, etc.
Some slight preference for European nationality, Latin languages (Spanish, French, Italian) but open on the subject. Some yachting experience is useful, but enthusiasm and feeling are most important. Please write with photos, providing some background and motivation.

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