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Schafertoon1970 Joined 16 Dec 2015

Personal Information

Age: 45

Crew required: Amateur Sailing

Destination: Worldwide

Journey reason: Cruising

Sail date: 1 January 2016

Further Information

I am a Industrial designer looking for a change (VOYAGER). Any opportunity to take part in a exploration crew to Antarctica or Caribic, Mediterranean or Worldwide.

Lover of nature and marine life. DECK HAND. Offer my knowledge as Media Marketing man on Crew, to create, film and videos of the trip. Editing skills as well.
-Exceptional Drawing skills to describe in detail new species.
-Scuba diving Padi. Open Waters. Good swimmer.
-Speak fluently Spanish, German and English. A little Italian and Russian.
-Basis knowledge of steering a small yacht in bad weather.
-Experience in handling boat, anchorage, low waters approach, etc
-Knowledge of Red cross first aids.
-Have sailing experience on the Caribbean Sea, at least 600 nautical miles.
-Good cooking skills.

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